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This is a Not a Year-in-Review Post

Over the past week or so, it feels like every other blog post I’ve read has either been a year-in-review or a list of goals for 2010.

This is not one of those posts.

I’m tired of reading them, to tell you the truth. Not because they’re not interesting, especially if they are by my friends, or don’t have valuable bits of insight or advice. Often, they do.

Maybe it’s more than I’m just not ready to read them, so I’m tired of seeing nothing but.

I know that right now is the time I am supposed to be tying up loose ends, putting 2009 to bed and planning in earnest for the year ahead. But I’m not thinking about my three words. I’m not thinking about anything. There is a time for planning, but I’m not there yet. Right now, I am on vacation. I am running errands, going out to eat, seeing friends and family, working on some personal projects, going to the movies and sleeping in. That’s about all I can, or want to, handle.

Let me tell you something: A year ago today, my grandmother died. That set the tone for 2009: tumult. Many good things happened this year, of course, but overall it was a difficult one. So allow me to indulge myself, for this week, in not thinking beyond my next meal or social engagement. Allow me to say good riddance to 2009 by not even giving it the privilege of incubating my dreams for the year to come.

This evening, I made a playlist of songs about how awesome 2010 will be, and that is the extent of strategic planning that I can handle right now.

Call me next week. I will be sorting out my life and planning my life, both personal and professional, in earnest. But right now, I am neither reflective nor academic. Right now, I am done.