Take Five: The Cal Ripken Edition

So. I’ve kept up my weekly Take Five publication schedule on Safe Digression for MONTHS. And I’m not about to let a Friday wedged between two out-of-state conferences (plus a cold) stop me. This post may not be as in depth as past ones, and I honestly have not had time to listen to the new music I’ve been collecting, but I did want to share some of my favorite links from the past few weeks:

Around the Web

In the News

New Music

Killing Radio Stars

A new category for video fun! Here is a reimagining of the “Mad Men” theme song, incorporating Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy” alongside RJD2’s “A Beautiful Mine.”
Also, via the folks at xtranormal: Oh Hell, I Married an Indiepop Girl.


If you know me, you know that I love karaoke. It’s the Leo in me — I love performing in front of a crowd. Combine that with a love of music and a penchant for singing, and karaoke is tailor made for me. Who needs alcohol? Just give me the mic.

In the past, when attending karaoke nights, I tended to exist in a state of eager excitement until it was my turn, unable to wait to grab the mic and hog the crowd’s attention for a few minutes. But this past week, when I was in Cincinnati for a conference with the best people ever and we organized a karaoke outing, I found myself more than content to sit back and watch friends new and old take the stage and rock the mic, from standards like “Pour Some Sugar On Me” and “Baby Got Back” to awesome versions of “The Israelites” and “Birdhouse in Your Soul.” Here’s a group singalong to “Yellow Submarine”:

Maybe I’m growing up. Maybe I was just in awesome company. Either way, it was an amazing time of mostly hanging out in the crowd, dancing like a fool and cheering on my friends. And that’s what karaoke is about — good times and good people.

So, next time you’re in Cincinnati, head over to Hamburger Mary‘s for karaoke. Tell ’em HighEdWeb sent you.


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  1. Two mentions one day! Thanks!

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