My East Boston and Revere Bike Adventure

Last Friday was absolutely gorgeous, and I had the day off and tentative plans to ride the Minuteman Bikeway out to Lexington. I’ve taken my bike out to Bedford or Lexington a few times already this summer, and it’s a perfectly delightful, bucolic, peaceful ride. But this particular morning, I wasn’t jazzed. I couldn’t get myself motivated for it.

Thinking with my stomach (as I am wont to do), I idly consulted my list of “restaurants to try someday” to see where I might grab dinner that evening. There, I saw it: Belle Isle Seafood, in East Boston. They’ve received amazing reviews, and they have a crab roll on their menu.

Just like that, the plan began to take shape in my mind: I could ride my bike from Somerville to East Boston and get lunch at Belle Isle! Then maybe head up to Revere Beach afterward!

Sure, why not?

I had seeds of inspiration planted in me by the Wicked Local Bike Blog and my friend Seanna, who can bike to the beach from her house in Quincy. When I Google mapped it and saw it was less than 10 miles to both Belle isle AND Revere Beach, I practically flew out of the house without further consideration. “An adventure!” I called out as I ran around grabbing my things.

So, how did this spontaneous adventure turn out?

  • I learned that riding my bike down Route 16 is perhaps the worst thing in the world to try to do. It is a mistake I will not soon repeat.
  • I got to see a lot of the industrial underbelly of Everett, Chelsea and Boston. It sure as hell ain’t no Lexington, and it’s not the best for biking, but it’s good every once in a while to challenge yourself and see new things.
  • In Chelsea, I accidentally stumbled across a stunning view of the Boston skyline and the Tobin Bridge.
  • I also accidentally stumbled across the Condor Street Urban Wild in East Boston. It’s tiny, but significant; it’s a reclaimed brownfield along the Chelsea River.
  • I ate a delicious crab roll at Belle Isle Seafood, but was disappointed to learn that my belief that there was an outdoor patio where I could relax, eat and watch the planes take off was mistaken. I did, however, get rattled by a jet flying about five feet over the restaurant. Pretty awesome.
  • I rode my bike around part of the Belle Isle Reservation, Boston’s last remaining salt marsh.
  • I discovered the Beachmont VFW in Revere, which has karaoke on Sunday nights!
  • I made it to Revere Beach, and some sand sculptures were still on display from the festival a couple weeks ago.
  • I consumed delicious chocolate soft serve at the Twist and Shake.
  • I took my bike on the T for the first time ever, shockingly.

For a potentially foolhardy expedition, I think it turned out pretty well. Screw you, Lexington!

Check out all of the photos I took along the way on Flickr.


5 responses to “My East Boston and Revere Bike Adventure

  1. Seriously, I’m REALLY glad I didnt shout out to you on the Rt 16 bridge. We walked right past you facing you, me and the Ouigi Monster. I almost shouted, then realized how freaked out even I was at being on the bridge and couldnt imagine startling a bike rider. 🙂 Glad it was worth it!

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  3. Except for Rt 16 it sounds like a good trip. I enjoy traveling through industrial areas because you never know what you’ll see and these are very important parts of the city that most people aren’t aware of. Good for you!

  4. I’d like to suggest this for your next adventure: a trip to Horn Pond in Woburn. It’s one of my favorite rides, including the lovely Mystic Valley Parkway, an obscure bike path between Winchester and Woburn, and the closed-to-traffic Woburn Parkway on the west side of the pond.

  5. Would love to see a new bike path to Eastie. At least from the Somerville side you’ve got a few options but anyone trying to get there from other parts of Boston basically have to go up to Somerville first.

    Big reason why it’s disconnected from the rest of the city. Glad your trip went well. It’s nice exploring new areas via bike. One of my favorite things is to pick a direction and just go.

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