Listening to the Universe

Sometimes, the universe decides to open up its infinite mouth and start talking. It may be in a language we don’t understand yet, or it may just be gibberish. But regardless, it’s talking. And it’s our job to listen.

Have you ever felt like things were coming to a head? Like you’re teetering on the cusp of a sea change? The barometer rises, the wind shifts, the sky turns a strange color. And then there’s that static, that garble, the message you can’t quite decipher. Not yet.

I’m not one for signs. I’m one for believing that fortune favors the well-prepared.

But this weekend, Rick met a grey kitten on the subway named Georgy. (Let’s assume it’s spelled the right way.) Today, the friendliest cat I’ve ever seen came up to me on the street and started rubbing against my leg. The cat was grey.

I’ve been rethinking the Take Five feature on this site. Today, I get an unsolicited e-mail that completely dovetails with my likely path.

Today, at a conference in Connecticut, I met someone who works at a university in New York — but lived a floor above me in my old Lower Allston three-decker from 2001-2003. I never knew her while she lived in my house.

I won a free pass to the ReadWriteWeb Real-Time Web Summit this Friday in New York, by virtue of a blog comment. The only reason I found out is because I happened to log into my website console and saw a referrer from ReadWriteWeb.

This is just today.

What happens tomorrow?

Either I’m just exceedingly well-prepared, or the universe is about to start speaking my language.


One response to “Listening to the Universe

  1. I like it, I like it, I like it!

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