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Around the Web

  • Hate cancer? Me too. Love music? Me too! Here’s a great way to capitalize on both of these sentiments:

In February, TargetCancer introduced The Right Track: Tunes to TargetCancer, a music download series offering rare and unreleased songs donated by major artists. Since then, people from all over the world have downloaded these songs, raising thousands of dollars used directly for rare cancer research. Today we release the second installment of songs, which include the solo premiere of The Donnas’ Brett Anderson, Tracy Bonham, State Radio, Joe Pernice and more!

Get updates from Target Cancer on Facebook or Twitter, and keep track of Right Track Tunes on Twitter.

  • Ron over at MssngLnk (a fellow Higher Ed Music Criticwrote a great post about sharing and being influenced by the music around us.I grew up immersed in music, but much of it was through headphones, in cars and behind closed doors. I can’t wait until the day comes when music takes over my house, where my kids and our neighbors and our kids’ friends and the mailman won’t be able to help but drink in whatever is on the stereo, and they can take or leave whatever they wish. I think of all the albums and artists I’ve discovered by being in other people’s houses — Elbow and John Wesley Harding come immediately to mind — and I am just filled with gratitude.
  • It’s webcomic time. Check out these recent strips by Cat and Girl and xkcd.
  • I love Mint, and their blog is pretty cool, too. This week, they theme personal finance talk around music, so I couldn’t help but link to it.

Finds of the Week

  • My sister was in town this past weekend, and on Sunday we roadtripped to Gloucester and Rockport for the day. While in Gloucester, we stopped in the legendary Mystery Train records. I didn’t want to spend too much time immersed in the bins of CDs (though I easily could have), but I was lucky to stumble across a John Wesley Harding album I didn’t yet own, “The Confessions of St. Ace,” for just under $5.
  • Looking for a good summer mix? Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good has done the heavy lifting for you by compiling this downloadable mix featuring the likes of Frightened Rabbit, Surfer Blood, the Black Keys, Yeasayer, Temper Trap, Phantogram and more.
  • Among this week’s new releases was a re-release of the rare Jayhawks debut album (dubbed the Bunkhouse album). I scored it for $6.99 at Newbury Comics, and Amazon MP3 had a good sale on it earlier in the week (and is selling it now for $7.99). I haven’t listened yet, but I am happy to add it to my Jayhawks collection.
  • If you’re already feeling behind on the music of 2010, check out these free, downloadable indie rock samplers on Amazon MP3 (right column). If you want more free music, you can download an EP by Junip (led by Jose Gonzalez), an EP by Grand Archives or a live EP by Coldplay.
  • New Menomena album “Mines” comes out July 27. Download a free track, “Five Little Rooms,” for the price of your e-mail address.


Remember when my higher ed colleagues and I each completed our recaps of the past decade in music? Well, we’ve recruited one more blogger to the mix, Chris D’Orso, who chimes in with his list of 25 albums we overlooked. Please give it a read! Some great oversights (oops) in there.

Live Music

Boston Band Crush is organizing a new series called Mixtape, where they bring together local bands to pay tribute to the music of a specific year. First up? One of the best, 1993. June 12 at the Rosebud Bar in Somerville. I may already have plans for that evening, but I sure as hell hope I don’t.

In the News

Submissions are now being accepted for the Owsley Charity Tribute CD. Interested artists can contact owsleytribute@gmail.com for more information. The Owsley family is aware and supportive of this project and will be overseeing all financials and donations.


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