Take Five

(Note: This is a very busy time in the life of Georgy, so while I vow to maintain my Friday schedule for Take Five, the post themselves may be a bit spartan, and I’m not sure if anything else will make it to Safe Digression until June. Thanks for understanding and reading!)

New Releases

I have acquired the new album by The National, “High Violet,” and it is very, very good. In lieu of a review, I offer you the awesome video for “Bloodbuzz Ohio,” which features Matt Berninger dancing:

Around the Web

Live Music

Not my experience, but Frank Yang’s. I’ve been reading Chromewaves for years — it’s one of the best music blogs around, and I always appreciate the north-of-the-border perspective. I was delighted to learn today that 1) Yang is an a-ha fan from way back and 2) that a-ha has continued to make music since the glory days of “Take on Me” and is currently on a global farewell tour.

Yang recapped the Toronto stop on the a-ha tour, and it’s a great read. He also links up a ton of video if you want to catch up on what a-ha has been doing for the past quarter-century.

“Take On Me” has always been one of my favorite songs and one of my favorite videos, and while I know that claim is far from unique, it’s still a special song to me. Yang is also offering a download of A.C. Newman’s cover of “Take On Me,” which I recommend you snag while you can. This video, however, is timeless:

Time to dig out my copy of “Hunting High and Low.”

Finds of the Week

On Wednesday, Amazon MP3 offered Florence and the Machine’s 2009 album “Lungs” for $3.99. You can also find the Merge and Sub-Pop digital samplers for free on Amazon MP3. I love Amazon MP3, have I mentioned that?

I also acquired the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros album, in its entirety, from a music blog that will remain unnamed, since the post linking to said download was eventually removed. Anyhoo, if you’re out there and you know who you are, thanks 🙂


The ’90s were a treasure trove of amazing music that resonates and has stuck with me more than any other decade I’ve experienced or listened to. I recently made a mix CD for a friend featuring some ’90s gems that I feel sometimes get overlooked or underplayed. What am I missing?

Hey Sandy – Polaris
Torch Singer – Buffalo Tom
Wonderful – Adam Ant
Bad Reputation – Freedy Johnston
The Scarlet Thing in You – Peter Murphy
The Sweater – Meryn Cadell
Universal Heartbeat – Juliana Hatfield
Sick Of Goodbyes – Sparklehorse
Not Too Soon – Throwing Muses
Star Sign – Teenage Fanclub
Grey Cell Green – Neds Atomic Dustbin
Your Favorite Thing – Sugar
Iggy Pop – Candy
Better Than Nothing – Jennifer Trynin
Big Audio Dynamite – Rush
Movin’ On Up – Primal Scream
Dizz Knee Land – Dada
Groovy Train – The Farm
Divine Thing – Soup Dragons
Multi-Family Garage Sale (Bargain-Bin Mix) – Land Of The Loops

One response to “Take Five

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Georgy. I’ll add that exposure to the Mountain Goats is not just a Bieber-fever cure, but also a preventative.

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