Stream Running Over

I have to admit, when all this “lifestream” business started coming down the pike, I didn’t know what to make of it. When people like Steve Rubel started singing the praises of lifestreaming via platforms like Posterous, saying it was just the next iteration of our increasingly real-time online lives, I didn’t see how it was different than any other kind of blog.

But when I finally sat down and looked at Posterous, I was amazed at how it was just the tool I’d been looking for.

I had been noodling a personal publishing conundrum for some time: if I have a piece of media, be it a photograph or video or text or audio file, and I want to publish it to multiple channels (say, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr; or maybe Twitter and Flickr, but not Facebook), how can I do that without posting the piece of content four times, in four separate places, reentering the same data multiple times? I wanted to learn how to COPE (create once, publish everywhere), and selectively at that.

When I examined Posterous, I saw that the e-mail-based publishing system they use easily allowed you to do that. After I’ve connected Posterous to my various social media outposts, all I have to do is e-mail to send to all of them, to just go to Twitter and Posterous, to just post to Flickr and Twitter (which is huge, since many a fun photo of mine had been Twitpic’d but never made it to my Flickr archive unless I manually unloaded photos from my phone’s SD card and uploaded them),  or if I don’t want to flood my followers with images, I post it to just my Posterous blog. And so on. If I take the two minutes to add these e-mail addresses into my phone’s contact list, I can easily, and selectively, publish on the go.

And that’s what I’ve been doing with Georgy To Go, which has become my new go-to personal publishing platform. (I’ve also added it to the sidebar of this blog.) I’ve only been using it for mobile photos to date, capturing slices of life from my travels and commutes. But I’ve been really pleased with my Posterous experience so far, not only for the flexibility and control I have over my publishing, but because it’s given me a publishing outlet I did not have previously and allowed me to create new types of content. I love having a venue to showcase the weird, funny or poignant things I see everyday — to the point of this blog, finding the extra in the ordinary.

I titled this post after an Apples in Stereo song, but let’s conclude with a version of Talking Heads’ “Once in a Lifetime” sung by Kermit the Frog, shall we? Into the blue again…


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