Some Special Guest Appearances

Things have been a little quiet over here, but fear not — good works have been afoot. Just, well, not here. Where have I been?

– I’ve been working on a collaborative Top 100 Albums of the Decade project with some of my colleagues across the world of higher ed web communications. The first installment launches today, and updates will be posted each day until we’ve tallied our collective top 100. I have my own top 100 list, which I will share in a little bit. Thanks to Andrew Careaga for organizing this awesome experience, and thanks also to my partners-in-crime: Stephen Biernacki, Ron Bronson, Mason Dyer, Tim Nekritz and Holly Rae. I hope you enjoy the product of our collective dorky brain.

– I also contributed a short video clip to a blog post by Seth Odell, a new blogger on the higher ed scene who is making a splash with his big yet doable ideas. The blog post shows off the power of the YouTube annotations functionality. You have to watch — and participate — to see for yourself.

Coming up soon in this space? My top 10 albums of 2009, plus my own top 100 albums of the decade. Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Some Special Guest Appearances

  1. I always look forward to your end of the year list, and am really looking forward to your top 100 to round out my listening!

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