Get in the Sunrise

Sometime last week, I was struck by the notion of going to Revere Beach to watch the sunrise. I can’t tell you where this idea came from — I have been feeling a bit under-beached, since I didn’t make it to the Cape this summer — but it landed in my head like a ton of bricks and made itself at home.

In talking with a friend on Saturday, I realized it would be quite easy: wake up a couple hours earlier than normal, take the bus and T, see the sunrise, then go to work. Not much of a production required. As I planned out my week, taking the weather into consideration, I figured today would be the best time to go.

So I went to bed early last night and set my alarm clock for 4:20AM (which, really, means just before 4AM — normally I get up at 6:15AM, which is really about 10 of 6). I went into the bathroom, but then heard my husband Rick get up. When I opened the door, assuming he wanted to use the toilet, he smiled and announced he was coming with me. He thought it would be romantic to go watch the sunrise together.

At first, I was a little bit annoyed, I have to admit — I had planned this great solitary expedition to the distant shore of Revere, to be humbled by the rising sun (or something like that). But as we rode the bus and hopped on the Orange and Blue lines, I became more and more glad that he was there — and impressed that he had gotten up at such a godforsaken hour to be there with me.

As we exited the Revere Beach station, it was still more than 20 minutes before the actual sunrise (at 6:24AM). We stood right at the shore and watched the tide roll in, the small waves crashing and rolling and scooting us back a step here and two steps there. We studied the sky as the horizon brightened, the clouds sheared and ever so gradually a ball of light became discernible from the orange tableau. We saw the occasional jogger or dog-walker, a couple of low-flying planes, a bunch of gulls, and one person who simply took some photos and gazed out at the ocean for a while, lost in thought.

We were there for a little more than a half hour before we decided to get back on the train. When we got back to Somerville, we grabbed a bite to eat and some coffee (oh, glorious coffee) at Dunkin’ Donuts before parting ways to head to work. I’m quite glad the morning worked out the way it did — for the small price of two hours’ sleep, I was able to start the day with a special experience, shared with Rick, and a bit of an adventure that transported me out of my routine. A fine way to start a Tuesday, I say. Check out my photos from the morning.

Oh, the title for this entry comes from this song. It’s a good one.


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