June Tunes

Hooray! It’s June! Back in the dark, dire depths of February, it seemed like this month would never come. But it’s here. It’s sunny and in the 70s. For the next four or so months, we will scramble to soak up every ounce of warmth and sunlight we can find. So, to usher in this glorious season, we need an appropriate soundtrack. Because every summer needs a jam. So here, choose from these six (in honor of this, the sixth month):

  • Nickodemus feat. the Real Live Show – Sun Children (via 3Hive)

    This infectious, world music-infused title track from the sophomore album by NYC dance scene mainstay Nickodemus can’t help but get your feet moving. If it doesn’t, check to see if you are implanted in cement.

  • The BPA feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal – Toe Jam (via Brooklyn Vegan)
  • Passion Pit – Little Secrets (via iMeem)

    Yes, I went on about both of these artists before, so I apologize for the repeat. But I would be doing a disservice if I denied these songs to you in the context of providing quality summer jam material. “Toe Jam” is all about those thick summer days in the city with dance parties in sweltering fourth-floor walkups where clothing is lacking but desire is in high supply. “Little Secrets,” if you read the lyrics, has a dark undercurrent that is easy to miss in the kid-voice chorus and triumphantly synthy keyboards, but as far as I can tell, there is a message of damn-the-torpedoes, doing what you want and getting what you need, hang the consequences and the naysayers. Many folks look to summer as a season of opportunity and optimism, so why not?

  • Montt Mardie – We’re All the Pirate Bay (via Swedesplease)

    Who would have thought that a song penned in honor of a shutdown file sharing service could be so hot? Swedish pop artist Montt Mardie not only releases this anthem for free, but is encouraging anyone and everyone to create remixes by releasing the multitrack version for download. It’s OK, though, if you simply download the original and, as Mardie entreats, just “sing along.”

  • Owl City – Hot Air Balloon (via RcrdLbl)

    I got clued in to Owl City by my friend Dave over at The Shimmy Shake, and yes, Owl City is like a slightly more teenybopper version of the Postal Service, but that is not a knock on the owl himself, babyfaced Adam Young. This is a perfect song for a picnic in a park, complete with kite-flying and maybe a tumble in the shrubbery.

  • Baby Dayliner – You Push, I’ll Go (via KEXP)

    If you’re looking for a little crooning to go along a killer R&B/Dance groove, this is your cut. I imagine this playing in the car for some reason, windows down late at night, off to find out what the evening — or the dawn — has in store.


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