Take Five

OK, enough about the demise of the newspaper industry and other weighty topics. Let’s get back to the music. Here are some quick hits:
  • My brother gave me a $15 iTunes card this past weekend, so I bought two albums I wanted but not so much on CD — School of Seven Bells’ “Alpinism” and M83’s “Saturdays = Youth.” I had been pretty excited about these albums, but after one listen of each… ehhh. There’s a lot of sameness to them, which I guess I should not have been entirely surprising. I’ll give them a few more listens and see if  anything (besides the singles) really snags me. Maybe I have to be in a particular mood?
  • Another recent musical purchase — albeit one made in an actual store, where I bought an actual compact disc — is the new A Camp album, “Colonia.” Dave at the Shimmy Shake has been going out about this band, helmed by the Cardigans’ Nina Persson, for a bit, and after one listen to “Love Has Left the Room,” I was in. The band is a bit of a who’s who, with James Iha, Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse, Joan as Police Woman and the drummer from Guided by Voices. But really, it’s all about Nina — she’s just a presence, delicate and intense and charming all at once, bathed in lush pop. I was a huge fan of the last Cardigans’ album, “Super Extra Gravity,” even though I don’t think it gained much traction stateside, so I’m excited for this album. I’ll share a review soon.
  • I am a bit slow, so I just found out about the Brighton Port Authority (BPA), a/k/a Norman Cook, a/k/a Fatboy Slim. When I heard “Seattle” on KEXP, I assumed it was some new, hip band in the vein of the aforementioned Passion Pit. But when I went digging, Brooklyn Vegan set me straight — while providing four songs from the album. I was never big into Fatboy Slim, but these songs — featuring guest vocals from Iggy Pop, Emmy the Great, and others — are tight, vibrant and sexy. They’re the type of cuts that make you want to get up and slither, sidle and shimmy. You heard me — slither, sidle and shimmy.

    This video for “Toe Jam,” which featured David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal, is easily one of the more entertaining and creative videos I’ve seen in a while, though it’s definitely not safe for work. It was also the first time YouTube made me confirm my age before watching “mature” content. Also, have we found the summer jam of ’09 yet? Because this is a strong contender. It’s up against Passion Pit’s “Little Secrets,” though.

  • I’m just going to put it out there — I liked Conor Oberst better as angsty, “Fever and Mirrors”-era Bright Eyes. Except for “First Day of My Life.” That can stay.


  • One of my favorite songs in the past few months has been the version of “Tusk” on Fleetwood Mac’s live album “The Dance.” Here, watch the slightly bizarre original music video for the song.



4 responses to “Take Five

  1. I had no idea Nina Persson had a side project. The songs on their Myspace don’t really catch my ear, but I do adore her voice, most recently in the Manic Street Preachers duet she did. My favourite Cardigans record is actually “Long Gone Before Daylight” – I can listen to it straight through and enjoy it all.

  2. My friend’s blog that I was catching up on before this one said almost the same thing about Conor… I prefer less warbled, more country-folky though.

    “Toe Jam” came out last year actually, way in advance of the BPA record. That video is awesome.

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