From Superpoop

This is funny, but it wasn’t so funny when I was stranded at Davis Square for an hour and a half last night waiting for two buses that never came. Bus make me has a sad.

Recently, the 89 bus switched the outbound end of its evening service to start from Davis Square instead of Clarendon Hill, a nod to the need for people to get to and from the T and various nightlife. This is a good move, but as it turns out, apparently, I leave the area from closer to old Clarendon Hill route (Teele Square, specifically) more often than I leave from Davis. And apparently when I try to leave from Davis, the bus just won’t come. 

To add insult to injury, when I try to fill out the form on MBTA.com for the On-Time Service Guarantee, I keep getting error messages. I bet if I try to Write to the Top, I’ll get a Return to Sender notice.

Me and the MBTA are usually on good terms, but today? I’m walking to work.*

* OK, I was going to walk to work anyways, but still. When the bus passes me, I plan on sticking out my tongue.


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