So, when confronted with the trick of balancing Twitter, Facebook and Livejournal, I of course decided a good solution would be to add a fourth medium to the mix. Hence, a blog.

I haven’t kept a blog in years (and no, I don’t count Livejournal — I fancy that to be more of a shared diary than a blog). Truth be told, I’m sort of looking forward to it. In this day and age, it’s not an insignificant challenge to figure out how to balance out the different dimensions of your online identity. And I think I may have it figured out. The operative word being “may.”

I also need an additional writing outlet. I have a major personal writing project I’m on the verge of launching, and I thought a blog might be a good scratch pad, of sorts: a place to flex the old writing brain on various topics. 

Ultimately, one of my long-term goals needs to be to overcome my startup syndrome, whereby I get really excited about something for six months before walking away from it. I am hoping this blog becomes an ongoing project and not a fleeting one.

Of course, if The Project picks up steam and this blog has to make the ultimate sacrifice, then that’s totally fine. The Project is more than worth it.


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